Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Are You Fighting For?

We'd like to expand on the "Fight With Your Feet" theme we have created. For those of you who don't know, lucha is Spanish for "a fight." A few of you have commented, "Those shoes don't look like fighting shoes to me." You're absolutely right. These are not physical fighting shoes. These shoes will help people fight for good and against evil. Dave and I have decided that there isn't enough fighting for good in the world. So we are going to incorporate a personal, individual fight for good into each pair of shoes. Each person who purchases a pair of shoes will be able to personalize their Luchas to remind them what their fight is for. We haven't nailed down exactly how each one of you will be able to personalize your shoes. It might be a small tag you can write on, it might be simply writing on the bottom of the removable insole. If you have other ideas, please comment and let us know what you think would work well.

Are you fighting against racism? Cancer? Hate? Depression? War? Hunger? Are you fighting for peace? Love? Families? A loved one to succeed? The lists can go on and on. Every time you put on your Luchas, every step you take, will act as a reminder of your fight. Fight With Your Feet.

These pictures are of a volleyball team I've been helping coach for the last six months. Recently a member of our club, Rachel Steele, was diagnosed with Leukemia--and only two weeks before we were supposed to attend the national tournament in Reno, NV. Our team had orange jerseys made (which is Rachel's favorite color as well as the Leukemia awareness color). We also handed out orange ribbons to each team we played against--and some teams wore them to support this fight against Leukemia. Another of our Club Utah teams and countless parents made t-shirts in support of Rachel. A different club team's girls all put orange shoelaces in their shoes to show their support. They joined this good fight. These girls are fighting for Rachel--fighting against Leukemia.

Lucha Shoes, Fight With Your Feet, Fight the Good Fight!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


We (Dave Blackwell and Mike Glauser) are starting a company that sells alpargata shoes. Our company's official name is Lucha, LLC. We got incorporated last week, got our tax id number, and we have our first prototype. We are working with Owen Fuller at Fit Marketing to get our logo and web site designed right now. We originally hired someone in India for $8/hour to design our logo, but the initial logos he sent us didn't have the feel we're looking for--so we decided to go with Owen. As soon as we have a logo, we'll be able to move on with our design as well as get our next sample shoes. For our first shipment, we'll be ordering 1000 pairs, which will hopefully arrive in the fall. The women's colors will be ash, maroon, and cream. The men's will be white, navy, and charcoal.

If you aren't familiar with alpargata shoes, they are similar to Toms Shoes. Ours will be a better shoe at a better price. There are a few main differences between our shoes and Toms. Ours have a thicker canvas and will therefore last longer. Ours also have a better gripping sole, as well as some small embroideredholes to help your feet breathe easier. These are relaxing, chill, everyday, wear to the beach or park type of shoes. Good for any occasion. They are simple and easy. No socks required (but some girls like to wear the "barely there" socks that basically just wrap around your toes and heels).

Dave and I are both very very excited about this company. Dave is the design and manufacturing expert. He currently works at designing clothing. I'll be in charge of sales, marketing, and general business operations. Part of the reason I'm so excited about this is that everyone I tell about our company wants to buy a pair of Luchas. We ultimately want to start with this simple alpargata, then get into other types of casual shoes, then maybe to apparel and other accessories.

This is the first company that Dave and I have started, and we both want to work hard to get a good product at a good price. We are learning more and more about this everyday as we talk to different people who have experience in starting companies, importing goods, etc. A man I met with last week said, "If importing from China (where our shoes will be made) was easy, everyone would do it." One thing that has really stood out to me is that everyone wants to help out. I talk to everyone about this, and it seems that people just come out of the woodwork with advice, or recommendations of people to talk to about being successful with a start up. Keep posted for updates on designs, our Lucha Launch, and our general progress!


Who loves Lucha?