Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lucha Shoes--Personal Fight With Your Feet

Each pair of Lucha shoes can be personalized to help you remember what you're fighting for. When you see someone else wearing Lucha shoes, please ask them what they're fighting for. The more you talk about something, the more you remember it, and the more ideas you'll have on how you can fight your good fight. Fight With Your Feet.

I have recently personalized my Lucha shoes for two different things. First of all, I'm fighting for Rachel Steele and her fight with Leukemia. Second of all, I'm fighting for regular exercise. I need to do it more, and I feel like most people need to exercise more--whether it's simply running or lifting weights, or getting out and playing a game, hiking, riding a bike, etc. These latter examples are my favorite kinds of exercise. When people ask me if I like running, I usually reply that I like running if I'm chasing a ball. I love being active and I love how good I feel when I'm doing it. I'm passionate about it. I believe that physical health correlates directly with emotional and mental health.

Fight for your education, fight for civil rights, fight for your political beliefs, fight for your right to party (thank you Beastie Boys), fight for a team you play on, fight for a team you cheer for, fight for your school, fight for a band you love, fight your mother-in-law (kidding, kind of...), fight your weaknesses, fight for spiritual growth, fight bad karma, fight temptations, fight pollution, fight global warming, fight against child prostitution, fight for clean energy, fight the BCS, fight for a cancer cure, fight HIV. The possibilities are endless. Leave a comment and tell us what you're fighting for.

Use your Lucha shoes to show what you're passionate about. What are you fighting for? Fight with your feet. Lucha shoes.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Luchas Save Lives

On the fifth of July, after playing some beach volleyball, swimming, and before enjoying two barbecues, I found time to experience for the first time the Alpine bike jump. This was as thrilling and adrenaline pumping as it gets. The first video is my roommate (a seasoned bike jump veteran), then the second video is me almost botching the approach (which has given countless people broken bones, concussions, black eyes, swollen faces, etc.), and the third video is me nailing the jump.

All in all I jumped 4 times--with three perfectly successful jumps, but the botched approach could have been bad--had I not been wearing my Lucha shoes! These were the perfect recipe for saving my 27 year old life. The combination of the Lucha shoes' good grip, form fitting, and better than flip-flop protection and stability enabled me to discard the out of control bike, and run safely into the pond. We're fighting for a better shoe at a better price.

Fight With Your Feet. Lucha Shoes.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Durability and Comfort

Greetings Lucha lovers! We’ve been working hard to produce the best alpargata. We have studied several different materials and manufacturing processes and feel that we will be making a very comfortable and very durable alpargata.

We started off by finding a reliable and professional factory to help us develop our shoe. We received a sample and have been testing it extensively for the past few months. If you run into Mike sometime after work, he’ll probably be wear-testing a pair. You’ll be surprised at how good they look after hearing about where they’ve been and what they’ve been through.

As we continue to develop the Lucha alpargata, we have a few specific things that we are looking for. First off we need a shoe that is very durable. We’ve been comparing other similar alpargatas, such as TOMS, and even some that are commonly worn in Argentina. We found that these types wear out very quickly. Their soles don’t last, they simply wear out very quickly. Our soles are made from an EVA rubber, which has two layers. A harder rubber for the outsole, helps with durability, and a softer midsole that helps create comfort and shock-absorption.

We also noticed wear in the upper part of the shoe. The canvas of the other alpargatas is thin and doesn’t have any structure. The Lucha alpargata is made with a thicker canvas that holds its form. In areas of wear and abrasion, where other alpargatas have failed, the Lucha has held strong.

The other alpargatas are also hot and cause your foot to sweat, making for some unpleasant shoe wearing. To combat this last issue of breathability in these types of shoes, we have added two embroidered air-vent-holes to keep your feet cooler. We also wanted to increase the comfort even more than just from the sole so we added a pigskin insole that helps fight odor and adds arch support to increase comfort.

The Lucha alpargata is a durable comfortable shoe. You won't be disappointed.

What are you fighting for? Fight with your feet. Lucha Shoes.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucha Logo Lessons

We are learning valuable lessons as we begin our first venture together...

The logo for any company, especially an apparel company, is an integral part to its success. We want a logo that will appeal to the teenagers to late twenties crowd. The underground feel is a must. We want a small logo that can stand by itself or be combined with the text, "Lucha Shoes - Fight With Your Feet." These are leisure shoes worn without socks--simple throw on shoes, take to the beach, ride your bike to the local shop, simple but still very comfortable. We want a fresh new urban feel. We need a clean and concise logo that "says it all," and we're willing to take the time and spend the money necessary to get to this point.

Initially we hired someone out of India who we thought could do a good job for a very very low price. Unfortunately after receiving those concepts, we weren't impressed. We didn't see the right feel we were looking for. So now we are working with Capital G Design to get a logo that will fit. Take a look at a few of the logos and leave your comments, thoughts, feelings, ideas on what you like and dislike about them.

Lesson learned--when attempting to create a cultural feel with your logo, it helps to use a designer who knows and lives in that culture! Sometimes you can't explain a cultural feel through emails and skype.


Who loves Lucha?