Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucha Logo Lessons

We are learning valuable lessons as we begin our first venture together...

The logo for any company, especially an apparel company, is an integral part to its success. We want a logo that will appeal to the teenagers to late twenties crowd. The underground feel is a must. We want a small logo that can stand by itself or be combined with the text, "Lucha Shoes - Fight With Your Feet." These are leisure shoes worn without socks--simple throw on shoes, take to the beach, ride your bike to the local shop, simple but still very comfortable. We want a fresh new urban feel. We need a clean and concise logo that "says it all," and we're willing to take the time and spend the money necessary to get to this point.

Initially we hired someone out of India who we thought could do a good job for a very very low price. Unfortunately after receiving those concepts, we weren't impressed. We didn't see the right feel we were looking for. So now we are working with Capital G Design to get a logo that will fit. Take a look at a few of the logos and leave your comments, thoughts, feelings, ideas on what you like and dislike about them.

Lesson learned--when attempting to create a cultural feel with your logo, it helps to use a designer who knows and lives in that culture! Sometimes you can't explain a cultural feel through emails and skype.



  1. im all about the top one. i dont mind the bottom two but im just not crazy about the feet. makes me think of a medical product (dr scholls?). but what do i know. I guess the top one just jumped out at me. Good work, excited to see what it ends up being and the product when it arrives. Hodne stesti.

  2. I love the feet. I liked #4. The feet makes me think its something about feet. fe fi fo fum

  3. I like the color in the last one, but I see Brigham's point about the medical product. Otherwise, I like the first one. Nice job, Owen.

  4. I think the feet are the best representation of the objectives your are trying to achieve. However, it might be cool if you could get your designers to take to foot logo and make the foot, excluding the toes, and make the actual foot the words LUCHA (but make sure they still maintain the shape of the foot). Then, add the toes back to the logo. I think this would fit really well with you tag line "Lucha Shoes - Fight With Your Feet" and with your target audience. Sorry for the random comment. My brother-in-law, Chad Dalton, sent me your page. I hope all goes well.

  5. i like the first and the last - the weird thing about the first is it almost looks a bit retro and not sure if you wanna go for that. the last one reminds me of some other brands mostly surfer or laid back.... but the ones with the dots look funny to me.

  6. This is not the first time i hear this. A lot of companies went out in the past with commercials stating that their running shoes will improve your running abilities. These statements used to be false advertisement. Lately, shoes companies really took the time and effort to make genuine running shoes with real material technologies to support their statements.


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