Sunday, July 18, 2010

Luchas Save Lives

On the fifth of July, after playing some beach volleyball, swimming, and before enjoying two barbecues, I found time to experience for the first time the Alpine bike jump. This was as thrilling and adrenaline pumping as it gets. The first video is my roommate (a seasoned bike jump veteran), then the second video is me almost botching the approach (which has given countless people broken bones, concussions, black eyes, swollen faces, etc.), and the third video is me nailing the jump.

All in all I jumped 4 times--with three perfectly successful jumps, but the botched approach could have been bad--had I not been wearing my Lucha shoes! These were the perfect recipe for saving my 27 year old life. The combination of the Lucha shoes' good grip, form fitting, and better than flip-flop protection and stability enabled me to discard the out of control bike, and run safely into the pond. We're fighting for a better shoe at a better price.

Fight With Your Feet. Lucha Shoes.


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