Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chinese Websites...

Maybe the two words in our title don't really belong together but I thought it was catchy. In the latest Lucha news, our website is oh so close to being done. Just a few minor tweaks and we'll release it for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately it isn't quite ready ready for your purchasing pleasure...which leads me to the second part of this post title.

We are having a bit of a struggle with our manufacturer in China. Originally we agreed with them to make an order of 1,000 pairs (which is relatively small for them). A couple of weeks ago we made this order, only to have them respond that this quantity was too small and that we have to order at least 3 times that amount. Ouch. We're not too nervous about being able to sell them all, just the upfront money part is putting us behind in our scheduling.

We originally thought that we could have shoes in September, then the samples weren't up to our expectations, so we waited until we had a sample we were happy with. Then it was going to be before Christmas, and the minimum order quantity debacle came about. So now we're fighting for a spring surprise of a nice large shipment of Luchas. We're being tested by the entrepreneurial gods, and we say bring it on because the harder we fight now, the stronger we'll be later.

What are you fighting for? Fight With Your Feet. Lucha Shoes.

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