Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lucha Fights For Hope Kids

Lucha was lucky enough to be able to sponsor a Dinner Auction for Hope Kids this last weekend. We donated shoes that were then auctioned off with all of the proceeds going to help fulfill the wishes of kids with cancer. We love being able to do this.

In a separate but related matter, last night I was at my regular Monday night volleyball practice, and guess who showed up? Rachel Steele! I asked her if she knew about Hope Kids and she told me that she has attended a few of the events they have put on. She looked great, and even played some pepper with me. She still hits pretty hard as I definitely shanked a few of her hits when she decided to swing hard. She's working on getting her strength back, but should be playing more volleyball in no time. It was fabulous to see her back on the court with the team.


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