Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Final Photo Shoot

We received our "top of production" samples a few days ago and after some excellent product engineering by Dave, we feel that we have our final product.

We have previously done a couple of photo shoots--one with Stacy Young at threewinksstudio for a product shoot and an "urban" photo shoot with Matt McDaniel. Both photographers were excellent and both gave us amazing photos. Another friend and photographer, Peter Chen, was generous enough to do another product shoot for us as our shoes have changed a little bit in the last few months and we wanted to be accurate in our pictures with the product actually being sold.

Here's Peter with the shoes and his equipment. Luckily his pictures turned out better than this one on my phone :)


  1. So when will these bad boys be available to buy???

  2. Patience Kristin, patience...


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