Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We are in the final stages of getting everything together and ready to put Luchas on your feet. Part of that is getting our website pretty and ready for your viewing pleasure. We have a section called "Fight With Your Feet" where we will post pictures of your fights (worthy causes you're fighting for) with a small explanation of what you're doing.

Most of our posts thus far haven't required any sort of comments or feedback from you. This one is different. We need your ideas of what you'll be fighting for and writing on the inside of your Lucha shoes. Please post what you're fighting for, and leave your email (or if you'd rather, you can email your fights to mglauser@luchashoes.com) so we can contact you to get more information and a picture. Some ideas for fights include fighting to overcome Leukemia (thanks Rachel Steele), fighting to finish a marathon, run a triathalon, lose weight, fight pornography, fight drugs, fight tobacco, fight hunger, fight arthritis, fight violent crimes, etc. You have better ideas than I do. So PLEASE SHARE THEM!!! Everyone is fighting for something. Tell us about it. The best fights will be rewarded.

A sneak peak of the Fight With Your Feet page is below.


  1. Please comment on what you're fighting for!

  2. Mine seems mundane and not a big deal but i'm fighting for a better life. Meaning tackling each day the problems I face, like eating unhealthy, being complacent, and lazy. I fight to stay active as a mom of 3 so that I can be a better example to my kids to work hard, stay active and live life righteously. I fight the forces of wrong-doing! What better way to do that than as a mom? right?

  3. That's a great fight-not mundane at all.

  4. I'm fighting cancer. I'm 30 yrs old and was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months ago. I'm mid-treatment and feel like every day is a fight to not only beat this disease, but keep my life as normal as possible. As a mom, wife and working adult, this fight is fierce, but I will not lose.


  5. Love the Shoes! Just found out about them from a friend and can't wait to score a pair! here are some things I fight:
    1. Hate
    2. Traffic Citations
    3. Mean People
    4. Laziness
    5. The Cold
    6. The Urge to Take a Sick Day
    7. Overspending

    I'd love to help out with Lucha any way I can - mikenelson01(at) gmail.com

  6. Mike,

    I'm fighting Laker fans, while at the same time fighting for the Dodgers. It's a tough battle, but I do what I can.

    Andy Phillips


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