Tuesday, March 1, 2011

someone write a song please...

So yesterday was one of the best days Lucha has known since conception. I have a favorite musician (which will remain nameless because I would probably get made fun of for loving his music) who ends every concert with a song about the best day of his life. He never really tells the story or even gives any background besides the actual lyrics. After his second to last song at every concert he simply says, "This is a song about the best day of my life" and then he plays it loud while everyone in the crowd strains their lungs singing along. It's true passion in music.

Yesterday I felt this. I wanted to write a new song and scream it out to the atmosphere. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear on the way to my father's warehouse to meet the delivery truck with our shoes. A boisterous "HYEEAAAAHHHH" might have been yelled in my car. I may have also taken a picture of the truck as it pulled up (and the inside of the truck, and the boxes, and my dad and the delivery man taking the pallets off the truck). Ten months of hard work, ten months of anticipation, and thousands and thousands of dollars later, we actually have shoes to sell!!! It was (and still is) an incredible feeling. It was definitely the high of my day, my week, my month, and probably my year (so far :) ).

So hands down this was the best day I can ever remember... (probably not the best ever, but it was still pretty darn good).

This is what 2,000 pairs of shoes looks like. More to come shortly.


Who loves Lucha?