Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full Sprint

So we've been selling our shoes for about a little over a week now, and it's safe to say that our jog has become a sprint. We're sprinting to fix some website bugs, to sell shoes, to get into a few more stores, to sponsor events, to get some videos done, and a slew of other "behind the scenes" things.

Last week I went into a high school class to talk about entrepreneurship. I talked about what it takes to start a business. Hopefully one day I'll be asked to speak about what it takes to start a successful business :) I told the students about what Lucha specifically has done. We had a contest at the end where each student wrote a paragraph on what they were fighting for, then we selected a few that we really liked and picked one of those randomly to give a free pair of Luchas to. The experience of reading their fights was completely awesome. Their stories were heartfelt and I really felt like they got the essence of fighting for something worthwhile. Their topics ranged from finding one's self, to education, to cancer, to broken families.

So here's to Mr. Gee's Evolution of Money class. Thanks for your attentiveness, thanks for your well thought out questions, and thanks for supporting the Lucha cause.

What are you fighting for?
Fight With Your Feet.
Lucha Shoes

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