Thursday, March 31, 2011

Danburry Barber and Lucha Shoes

I like this entrepreneurial stuff. I've had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people who share the excitement I feel. The latest person I've come in contact with is Drew Danburry. I first came to know who Drew was a few years ago while at a concert at Velour down in Provotown, USA. I was there for the final performer, and whilst waiting for said final performer, Drew just happened to be one of the opening musicians. It was love at first listen. It was one of the only times in my life that I've purchased a compact disc immediately after hearing someone play for the first time. You can purchase this amazing Drew Danburry music on itunes.

Last week, with the aid of a certain social network, started by a certain 26-year-old billionaire, I was informed that Drew had recently opened a barber shop in Provo (55 North University Avenue #145, Provo, Utah 84601). It's a classy place fully equipped with a barber pole. Drew doesn't just cut hair, this is the "real deal, old school quality you appreciate" with hair cuts, shampoos, scalp treatments, old-fashioned hot lather face shaves, and even head shaves with a razor offered.

Drew and I worked out a deal where he composed a sweet song about Lucha Shoes (which will be recorded soon and featured in another youtube sensation), in exchange for a couple pairs of Luchas to be given away at his new barber shop in a drawing. Go in and try out his new quality service and get a chance to win your new Luchas. Mention that you heard about the shop from Lucha, and you'll be entered into the contest to get free Luchas!


Who loves Lucha?