Monday, March 28, 2011

Lucha Shoes at USU Rail Jam Event

Our first official event is coming up a week from tomorrow. We'll be at the Campus Rail Jam Tour up in Logan on USU campus. The event is taking place to help kick off entrepreneur week--which fits our situation nicely :) If you're up in Logan, or know someone up there, send them up to say hello. We'll also be selling discounted Luchas there!

Here's a video of last year's event.

Fight on!

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  1. I heard about you guys from, I went to school with rachael and think she's amazing. i have so many things that i am fighting for. I am so excited about your shoes and i am going to get both colors. I wish you sold them in a store a little bit closer but i'm willing to drive! Thanks for the opportunity to fight for what's right.


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