Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lucha Shoes - Coming Soon

Product Update . . . Trying to get some Luchas on your feet.

Yesterday was Mike’s birthday, a big ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to him. I showed up at his party last night to once again see him wearing around our original samples. After the initial ‘break-in’ period for these shoes, they haven’t changed much. This has been just under three months of continuous wear, and he wears them everyday. The soles are holding up very well, and the canvas has had minimal wear as well. These are all great things for any shoe wearer.

I’ve been in constant contact with our factory in China to get the Fall ‘10 designs finalized. The factory is currently making our PP (pre-production) samples for our approval, in which they will then start production. We should receive these in the next couple of weeks. We will then have samples of all the colors we are producing. We will then post some pictures and give you a glimpse of the upcoming goods.

As these are for this fall season, the colors represent such. What colors do you like for spring? Yellows, oranges, reds? Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite.

Mike and I are also working hard on our timelines. We want to get you the shoes you want as soon as possible. China is currently going through a labor and power shortage. Many factories are having to ship their Fall ’10 production late or even cancelling entire programs. Some are even having to shut down. To over come this problem our factory is making the necessary changes to keep their workers - increased wages, and other worker benefits.

We feel it very important to reduce wasted materials, energy consumption, and even try and reuse scrapped materials. We are even working on a pair of shoes that will be made completely of recycled or scrapped material. Fight to reduce waste.

What are you fighting for?

Fight With Your Feet – Lucha Shoes



  1. Sounds great! When can I get some on my feet? I'd probably pick dark blue, bright red, soft tan for colors to start off.

  2. I'm liking the bright red and the tan.

  3. im glad you are trying to use recycled materials and trying to reduce energy usages. thats great! i think great colors would be a nice grayish blue, like the stormy sky.... a terra cotta red, like the redrock country... and a light blueish green, like the sage that covers the hillsides... whatya think?? ;)

  4. I'd like to see some nice patterns at some point!

  5. You gotta do gray!! or is it grey...who knows. But grey/gray is hot right now!


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