Sunday, August 22, 2010

Write Your Fight on Your "In-Soul"

As part of our desire to help you fight with your feet, we decided to include a small gift with each pair of Lucha shoes purchased. We really do want everyone who buys a pair of Luchas to choose something that they are fighting for, and we really do want them to write what's "in their soul" on the bottom of their "in-sole."

As soon as you get your Luchas, you can write your fight with this mini key-chain sharpie, and then keep it on your key chain as another reminder to fight with your feet. One of my favorite movie quotes is, "The Greeks didn't write obituaries. When a man died, they asked only one question: did he have passion." (Can anyone name that movie?) I'm all about passion. In my opinion, a boring person is that person who isn't passionate about anything. Be passionate. We hope Lucha shoes will help you show your passions, and even make your passions grow.

What are you fighting for? Fight with your feet. Lucha Shoes.



  1. WORK HARD, PLAY HARD....that's my fight!

  2. Mike I want to buy a pair! How do I do that? From brookelyn

  3. Serendipity, right? I love me some John Cusack. :)


  4. Serendipity it is ;) I'm kind of a sucker for chick flicks. Haha.

  5. I'm fighting for loving relationships and a healthier lifestyle. I hope I don't have to fight for a pair of Luchas!


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