Thursday, August 5, 2010

While visions of the OR show danced in our heads...

I really like attending the Outdoor Retailer Show here in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace. I've only been twice--once to the winter version a few months ago, and today to the summer version. Today I went for a couple of hours, and it's incredible. They have the latest in every type of gear or outdoor clothing you could ever want. I imagine that it isn't as fun for Dave because the OR just means long days with long meetings for him. I'm just more of a spectator and I can go where I want to go and see what I want to see. I met Dave there for a minute and he introduced me to a couple of really good contacts inside the shoe industry. I also talked to a Jenni from Missionary Mall who seemed excited about Lucha Shoes.

I've emailed the people who are in charge of the show asking how much it costs for a booth. I do have visions of the OR show dancing in my head. I'd love to get a chance to show off Lucha Shoes. I want everyone at the OR show to know how to fight with your feet. While there I meandered through a couple of our competitors' booths to see what we're up against and to get some ideas on future designs. Let's just say I am inspired about some future possibilities.

Last week Dave sent in our final design proofs to the manufacturer. We should have those shoes in the next month, at which point we will start showing some potential retailers. I honestly can't wait. Better shoe better price. I make it a point to talk to everyone I see who's wearing alpargatas, and without fail, when I'm done talking with them, they're excited about our shoe. I just talked to someone yesterday who bought a pair of Toms in June, and he said that they are already wearing out because he wears them so much. Let's just say that it would be extremely difficult to have worn them more than I have worn my Lucha Shoes in the last two months. I held mine up for him to see, and he was quite surprised how pristine mine looked. These Lucha Shoes are tough shoes. Luchas can take a beating and come out screaming.

I recently got a shoes catalog in the mail, and after I had been reading it for a half hour, I realized something. I'm passionate about shoes. I do have too many shoes, and I love it. Lucha Shoes make me smile. I like talking about them, and I love thinking where we can take this idea and this company. Visions of Lucha Shoes are dancing in my head.

What are you fighting for? Fight with your feet. Lucha Shoes.


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